Dreamcatcher – Story of a Storyteller, Vineeta Nair of Artnlight

As J K Rowling says, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” In our feature series- DREAMCATCHERS, we tell you stories of women who pursued their dreams. They not only make a world of their own dreams, but continuously help others to realise their dreams too.

Story of a Storyteller

“To get, what I got, it really pushed my limits!” It is not every day that you get to talk to Vineeta Nair, but when you do, you secretly crave for more such incidents! She is a story-bag, she is filled with words, and anecdotes, and inspiring stories, all this- is her life!

Vineeta is an ex-advertising art director, who stumbled into the world of design blogging not knowing that it would change her life. She is now an independent design consultant with a growing decor accessories business- Artnlight.

How and when did Artnlight happen?

Initially I was around discovering the world of design and decor bloggers, and then I was smitten and soon obsessed. I was inspired by all this! After a month of reading international blogs that wrote about the art and decor scene in their part of the world, I was really thirsting for a similar design blog experience from India. But couldn’t find one! A friend who knew how taken I was by this whole concept of design blogging, told me, “If you can’t find an Indian design blog, why don’t you start one?” And that was that, once I started, there was no looking back.

What inspires you- for fun and for work?

People, who follow their heart, inspire me. Travel, life, history, art, poetry, architecture, and design inspire me (The list is much longer). Art and design are for me, ways to say what has to be said, beautifully. Primarily it is opportunity, to have fun, to play and to express myself. And also to be happy!

Artnlight mirrors a lot of travel and you said- travel inspires you! Tell us more.

After switching my job, I made three landmark trips. These trips changed the way I thought about my creativity, and inspired me for life. My first escapade to Nagaland, to interview Ritika Mittal of Mora by Ritika, was phenomenal and soul stirring. The cultural vastness, the beautiful craft in that region was enriching.

After that, my Mahakumbh trip was out of the world. I witnessed the whole of India melted there for one holy dip. This is where I realized that I can do some kind of photography to enhance my blog. To get what I got, it really pushed my limit! I went there purely as a blogger, and came back with a plethora of experiences, and a humbling approach to life.

For years I wanted to participate in the Durgo Pujo in Bengal. So the Kolkata trip was where I learnt a lot about how gods are born of humble hand sculpting. Another very important reason to go to Kolkata was also to meet my long time virtual friend and artist extraordinaire Dithi Mukherjee.

Travelling gives me the opportunity to meet more and more interesting people, that in turn enriches my inspiration circle.

From applied arts, to journalism, to advertising, to Artnlight the blog, and now the business, what is next?

(Laughs) I am learning to be an entrepreneur! Here I have realized what I know about work is never enough. I had to teach myself packaging, relationship with workers, finances, and a lot more. This is very humbling. And I have to also be protective of my work. I have learnt that I have to take a call on different levels, and not getting consumed by work, but have fun! I am learning to grow at my own pace, and constantly having fun with everything I do.

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